The national children’s and young people’s event took place last weekend, with more people than ever taking part.

3Generate has more than doubled in size over the last two years with close to 700 young Methodists and youth leaders gathered for fellowship and fun at the PGL Adventure Centre in Swindon.

Young people aged 8 to 23 came from across the UK to mix worship and activities with discussion and debate. Presentations and talks on topics for older groups included well-being and social justice, while younger groups considered what church could look like if they were in charge.

This year particular attention was paid to ensuring the event was accessible as possible. Specialist volunteers provided additional support to those with learning difficulties, physical limitations or in need of additional emotional help.

While there was a lot of fun, faith and fellowship with adventurous outdoor activates and silent discos, there was also an emphasis placed on worship and debate. A range of opportunities was available for young people to choose how they wished to worship with art through to late night communion.

Discussions were held in all age groups to ensure that children were heard.

The Youth President Tim Annan said, “We come together to worship God and discuss the issues important to us as young Christians … Refugees, prayer, relationships are just some of the topics we tackled.”

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