COSY guide to ethical livingA guide helping people to live ethically has been put together by the church’s younger members, Church of Scotland Youth (CoSY).

The National Youth Assembly in 2012 debated issues of tax evasion and avoidance. It became clear from the debate younger people in the church wanted to invest in living more ethically.

A group was set up to explore how this could be achieved and to produce a report on ethical living. The guide which includes topics such as climate change, consumerism, fair trade and taxation is the result of the report.

The guide gives useful tips:

•    Recycling and upcycling: manufactured recycled materials use less energy than required for making new products.

•    Consumerism: Look for shops which are open about their long-term environmental policies.

•    Fair Trade: While fair trade might not be necessarily universally “right” buying fair trade products is a step in the right direction.

•    Tax and banking: As a consumer individuals can chose which bank they use and one.

Church of Scotland Youth member and one of the authors to the guide said the guide is aimed at young people and encourages them to make up their own minds about ethical living.

The guide can be read online or downloaded free at the Resourcing Mission website.