This year’s Arts in Autumn festival from AGAP – ‘a programme of drama, music and art to inspire your faith’ – runs from September 27 to November 21.

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Arts in Autumn

AGAP is the Archdiocese of Glasgow Arts Project, which also produces Lentfest. The Arts in Autumn programme includes:

Pure Dead Dangerous: exploring the concept of euthanasia and assisted suicide through a series of monologues and sketches performed by AGAP and a post-performance forum led by John Deighan, Parliamentary Officer for the Scottish Bishops Conference. Four venues from September 27 to October 1.

From the Cradle to the Grave: a concert in aid of the Suzy Fund featuring songs that are at least 100 years old and chart a thought-provoking course from cradle to grave, straying into some of life’s less trodden footpaths on the way. Some are traditional songs which have traversed seas and oceans. Others first breathed life in the music halls, theatres, churches and public houses of 19th century Britain and America. Four venues from October 14-17.

Going for Broke for Jesus – the Bob Park Story: Bob’s life was going down the toilet – quite literally.  Each day would begin with buying a bottle of cheap wine and heading down to the local public toilets to drink in solitude.  His marriage was falling apart, his children had watched their father become the town drunk and he had fallen deeper and deeper into debt through excessive drinking and gambling.  How did he get into this state and how could he possibly get out?  Through the eyes of his daughter, we journey through the years as she tells her father’s story from his childhood in a Glasgow slum with his alcoholic father through the awkwardness of adolescence, his marriage to Anne, and the unfortunate downward spiral into alcoholism that led to him losing his career as a police officer.  Bob seemed to be a lost cause.  He had given up on himself.  How could anyone forgive the damage that he had done to his wife and family?  Then he heard something that would change his life forever and turn his world around.  “God forgives everyone.”  Hearing the Gospel for the first time in his life, Bob Park took the biggest gamble he could imagine: going for broke on Jesus. Four performances from October 25-29.

For full details please download the programme at Arts in Autumn.