Having shared our thoughts and prayers for the people of Manchester with their Civic and Religious leaders as an assurance of our closeness to them, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Salford diocese, Rt. Rev. John Arnold replied:

“Many thanks for your email and kind thoughts. Nothing justifies an attack on innocent people, particularly when it is young people who are so deliberately targeted. It certainly has nothing to do with religion or religious purpose and Muslims are as disgusted and revolted by these actions as we would be if perpetrated in the name of Christianity. The Vigil in Albert Square on Tuesday evening and the Faith Leaders’ Vigil in St Anne’s Square on Wednesday evening show a spirit of resilience and a determination to strengthen the solidarity of this cosmopolitan city and we must hope that, even from these awful events, positive things may emerge. We must never forget the victims, their families and friends and all traumatised and frightened by this event but we must certainly not allow ourselves to be overcome by such senseless violence. This was an attack on us all and our response must be firm and positive to create a better world for everyone.”