The 2017/2018 Methodist Prayer Handbook ‘Jesus the First and Last’ will celebrate the Jesus of history, the Christ of faith and our cosmic Lord; the first word and the last word, which has not yet been spoken. The title comes from two hymns, ‘Jesus, the First and Last’, by Charles Wesley (Singing the Faith 329) and ‘This, this is the God we adore’, by Joseph Hart (Singing the Faith 67).

The handbook will explore how the immensity of Jesus means that we need to experience him in many different ways and be open to the surprises he is yet to show us. It will also explore the depth and diversity of personal Christian faith and experience, and the different perceptions and experiences of Christ found within and across the Churches of the world.

Prayers should not exceed 120 words or 12 lines and must be your copyright. Shorter prayers and prayers for specific themes or countries are more likely to be used.

You can submit prayers by Please include your full name, postal address and how you would like to be described (eg Jane Jones, local preacher, Townton). The deadline for submission is 12 January 2017.

You can find more information here.