When the local church partners with its community, its schools and its businesses, something very special can be achieved. That’s exactly what a church in Glasgow’s Southside discovered when it launched its ‘10:10’ project, an exciting project to raise £10,000 for Glasgow City Mission, to provide 10,000 hot meals to those homeless in Glasgow. What seemed like a big target ended up being smashed with funds exceeding £15,000.

Participants in a fund-raising ‘sleep-out’

Brian More, Pastor of Newton Mearns Baptist Church explains that just yards from the church building, a new retail park has recently opened together with 1,000 new homes. “We wanted to engage our new neighbours in a meaningful way, one where we could demonstrate God’s heart for the poor in a tangible, practical way and illustrate that the local church has something positive and relevant to say.

“We were equally aware that many of the new businesses in the area wanted to establish their community credentials, whilst our schools have a requirement to teach ‘Good Citizenship’ as part of the Curriculum for Excellence”.

Working in partnership with Glasgow City Mission, a number of fundraising ideas were brainstormed. Glasgow City Mission provided bespoke materials to market events including posters, flyers, a totaliser, submitting articles to the local press and a bespoke SMS donations service.

Grant Campbell, Chief Executive of Glasgow City Mission said: “We are absolutely delighted with the way in which a local church has galvanised its local community to raise more than £15,000 to help us serve 15,000 meals to those homeless this winter.

“All the money raised is going to straight to those who need it most in our city. A hot meal is often what initially attracts people to our services. It’s from there that we can start to build relationships with each individual, understand their needs and signpost them to our daytime activities. These activities often act as a catalyst for transformation and rehabilitation.

“As a Christian charity, we rely on churches, businesses, individual donors and charitable trusts to sustain and grow the work that we do. We cannot thank Newton Mearns Baptist Church enough and all those who participated in events or made donations. It’s been a great example of partnership working at its best.”

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