Members of the Chemin Neuf community in the UK are encouraging Christians from different churches to pray for Christian unity next week.

Each day they will be posting a short video from a young Christian offering a prayer for another denomination. The videos will feature Christians from eight different churches including Lutheran, Anglican, Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Baptist.

The project is part of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, which runs from 18th to 25th January.

Four members of Chemin Neuf live at Lambeth Palace as a praying community after being invited by the Archbishop of Canterbury last year.

The Chemin Neuf community is a Roman Catholic community with an ecumenical foundation, which grew out of a prayer group in Lyon, France, in 1973. It consists of couples, families and celibates, men and women, who chosen to follow Christ by living a life of simplicity, serving the Church and the world.

• Full story at the Archbishop of Canterbury’s website.