Aylan Kurdi, aged 3, from Kobani was washed up on a Turkish beach near Bodrum in September 2015.  He was just one of thousands fleeing for safety from Syria and other parts of the world. The local fisherman who discovered his body among others on the beach said, “I came to the sea and I was scared. My heart is broken.”

So small, so still

So beautiful in life
So unbearable in death
Carried by the sea
Carried by our tears
Carried gently in strong arms.

O God
Open the eyes of those with power
To see your children in their desperate need;
Open the arms of those in government
To welcome those who come to our shores;
Open the hearts of each one of us –
Move us to sorrow, anger and action
That the salt sea of sorrow
May be turned to soothing waters
And that tears of desperation
May become tears of joy.

O God, help your people.

Rev Ruth Gee

Rev Ruth Gee

Written by the Revd Ruth Gee, former President of the Methodist Conference. Published by the Baptist Union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.