A special ecumenical service is to be held in Wellington Church in Glasgow on Racial Justice Sunday, September 12.

The service will celebrate the launch of Minority Ethnic Churches Together in Scotland – MECTIS – an organisation which will help the new minority ethnic churches in Scotland to work together and to develop closer links with the denominations which have operated in Scotland for many years.

Photo: Rev Dr Larry Pickens

Rev Dr Larry Pickens

The service will be attended by national leaders of the major denominations in Scotland and by members of the executive committee of the World Council of Churches. The sermon is to be preached by Rev Dr Larry Pickens, a member of the Executive Committee of the World Council of Churches and of the United Methodist Church of America..

Brother Stephen Smyth, General Secretary of Action of Churches Together in Scotland, said the emergence of MECTIS was highly significant. “It provides a space for the many independent ethnic minority churches in Scotland to come together to share concerns and successes,” he said.

“Our hope in ACTS is that, as it grows in strength, MECTIS will provide a means by which these new churches and the established denominations can be brought into closer fellowship. ACTS is very pleased to support MECTIS and to encourage all churches in Scotland to ‘Witness to Christ Today’ – together.”

Brother Stephen added: “This year’s Racial Justice Sunday Service will be really innovative and lively. We invite and encourage our many ecumenical friends to join ACTS, MECTIS and the WCC in Wellington Church for the event.’

The service will begin at 6 pm on September 12. From 5.30 pm an African choir will be singing as the congregation assembles. Refreshments will be available at the close of the service.