A new resource that will enable churches to help people gain employment has launched today.

CAP Job Clubs aims to equip congregations to train people without jobs to become more ready for work and, through employment, tackle hardship faced by the whole household.

The resource is an initiative of national debt counselling organisation Christians Against Poverty.

A third of its debt clients are out of work, and CAP’s founder and international director John Kirkby said, ‘Our evidence – and that of other debt agencies – shows a clear correlation between poverty, debt and unemployment. It’s very tough to escape this web of hardship and it can feel very isolating.

‘The point is, everyone needs to feel useful. Human beings are hardwired to live for a purpose so unemployment punishes people both financially and emotionally.

‘The good news is, the local church is perfectly placed to both spot those in need and offer support and practical skills which will help restore their self esteem and be better placed to achieve work.’

• Full story at the Baptist Times.

Christians Against Poverty.

CAP Job Clubs.