gct-logo-200x225For the past eight years Glasgow Churches Together and Glasgow Cathedral, with the encouragement of the City Council, have held a highly successful ecumenical Service to mark St Mungo’s Day.

This happy celebration of Glasgow’s patron saint has now become an established event in the life of the city.

This year’s service will be enriched by choral and instrumental music, and young people will play a prominent part. The speaker on this occasion is Dr Irene O’Brien, Senior Archivist at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow and Chair of the Scottish Council on Archives.

The event enables representatives from government, university, commerce, the law and indeed all areas of the city’s life to come together to express our delight in being Glasgow and to pray for the city’s wellbeing.

Everyone is welcome to attend! The service is part of the St Mungo Festival.

4.30 pm, Sunday 10 January, 2016, at Glasgow Cathedral, Cathedral Square, 2 Castle Street, Glasgow G4 0QZ.