Action of Churches Together in Scotland

Transition Group Prayer Requests


Following a review carried out in late 2017, a Transition Group is developing its thinking about what ACTS should do and what it should look like in order to enable the churches in Scotland to engage together in the mission of God in our nation and beyond in the coming years.

The Group greatly values the prayers of the whole people of God as it carries out this work. Here are thirteen points for prayer which you might wish to use individually, in a group, or as a congregation. You might use these daily over a two week period, or pray for each point for one week between mid-June and mid-September when the member churches of ACTS shall consider the way forward.

These prayer points are available online and as a downloadable bookmark at

Prayer Intention 1: To Seek God’s leading

Aware that ‘unless the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain who build it,’ please pray that the members of the Group and those receiving the report will discern the leading of the Holy Spirit and discern the will of God for the ecumenical work of the Church in Scotland.

Prayer Intention 2: To Listen carefully

Please pray that the Group, in carrying out its work, will listen carefully and with discernment to God’s Word as spoken in our churches throughout Scotland and beyond.

Prayer Intention 3: To Develop, and share, a clear vision for ACTS

Please pray that the Group’s reflections will help all those involved in ACTS to be clear about the joint vision of ACTS and to craft a statement which enables people both in churches and beyond to understand the mission and purpose of ACTS.

Prayer Intention 4: To Support mission in Scotland

Please pray that the Group’s encouragement will enable ACTS to support the Church throughout Scotland to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom, nurture new believers, respond to need through loving service, pursue peace and reconciliation, and strive to safeguard the integrity of creation.

Prayer Intention 5: To Develop a vision for collaboration

Please pray that the Group will be creative and sensitive in exploring, and describing, ways in which Christians from different traditions and perspectives may engage in pilgrimage, prayer and service together in the name of Christ.

Prayer Intention 6: To Offer a structure which enables and enthuses

Please pray that any structure the Group proposes for ACTS will inspire those who serve and create enthusiasm amongst people all across the nation.

Prayer Intention 7: To Encourage and Support local ecumenism

Please pray that the Group, and then ACTS, is able to develop effective ways of enabling Christians to work together in their communities and local areas, and that they may make it possible for ACTS as an organisation to be relevant to local churches and Christians.




Prayer Intention 8: To Broaden the churches who are involved with ACTS

Please pray that the Group will understand the needs and hopes of churches in Scotland for their work together, and that ACTS may enable more denominations and groups to engage in fruitful partnership.

Prayer Intention 9: To Be A collective church voice in Scotland

Please pray that the Group will help ACTS develop ways of helping the churches to speak together on issues which affect Scotland and her people.

Prayer Intention 10: To Develop leadership

Please pray that through this process of reflection and discernment there may develop an agreed way of nurturing, exercising and recognising leadership in Scotland’s Christian community.

Prayer Intention 11: To Support the staff of ACTS

Please pray for the members of staff of ACTS in this time of increased workload and anxiety as plans for the future are considered and discussed, that they may sense themselves held firmly within the grace of God

Prayer Intention 12: To Be radical

Please pray that the Group will be radical in its thinking and dreaming, aware that we, and ACTS, might be challenged through the answer to such prayers.

Prayer Intention 13: To Give thanks for the intercessory ministry of Christ

Gladly recognising that the Christ who seeks unity for his people (John 17) prays on our behalf to Father, we invite you to join with us in offering grateful thanks to God who invites us, together, to engage in God’s mission and who beckons us forward as his people.



We especially value your prayers for these specific days:

Tuesday and Wednesday 24th and 25th July, when the Transition Group shall be meeting to reflect together and draft the main body of the Report.

Monday 3rd September and the following two weeks, during which time the Report shall be considered by the members of ACTS.

Wednesday and Thursday 12th and 13th September, when the members of ACTS meet, among themselves and thereafter with members of other churches in Scotland, to determine the way forward within the providence of God.