Advent is a time of joyful waiting, a time of hope. We are waiting and preparing for the coming of Christ!

Our world is in need of this hope as we look around at those who are homeless, those on our streets who are struggling to provide for their families, those using Foodbanks to feed themselves and their children, those seeking refuge and safety. The list could go on and on.

Our Advent journey will eventually take us to Bethlehem (our twin city) and to the birth of Christ. In the unfolding of his story, we experience that search for safety and security, the search for a place for Christ to be born. He comes as one with us. We encounter him in these situations of life as our hope. That hope is so often seen in our Churches and communities through the different organisations set up to provide shelter, food, refuge, comfort. We become that embodiment of hope, of Christ.

May this time of Advent be for us a time to let the light of Christ shine into the hearts of those most in need and our care and concern for one another radiate the light of Christ as we prepare to receive him in our hearts and lives!

Hear this messgae spoken by Canon David Wallace on Radio Alba