Some of the paintings at Art with a Mission

Some of the paintings at Art with a Mission

After months of planning and preparation, the Art with a Mission exhibition at Glasgow City Mission was a tremendous success. The show featured 65 exhibits from by the Mission’s art group, here at Glasgow City Mission.

Scores of visitors poured through the doors to admire the quality and creativity of each piece on display. One visitor commented: “I am ashamed to say that I had written off homeless people – today has shown me just how creative and talented people are. The quality is superb.”

This was a key myth that was dispelled during the inaugural exhibition. “Many people have a presumption about what people who are homeless or vulnerable must be like – often they are seen through a lens, perhaps shaped by culture or the media, that is simply untrue and unhelpful” explained Graham Steven from the Glasgow charity.

“Little account is given to considering why people have found themselves in difficult situations and that underneath the surface, is a real person, with skills, talents and potential. Art with a Mission has showcased our clients creativity and individual talents and visitors have been amazed.”

The biggest benefit however has been the surge in self-confidence amongst the artists who took part. To hear so many people compliment the art, and to see so many of the pieces purchased and been an incredible experience.

Zara, one of our featured artists wrote for the exhibition brochure (pdf): “I enjoy coming to art at the City Mission. I find it relaxing and educational and enjoy the company of others who share the same interest as me. Until coming to art I didn’t realise that I had a talent in it. It’s been good for my confidence too. I look forward to trying out different styles in the future.”

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