This year marks the 14th centenary of St Mungo and the beginning of the community which became the City of Glasgow.

The occasion was commemorated on March 29 by a Civic Dinner hosted by Lord Provost Bob Winter and with representatives of the City Council, the political parties,  the churches, the arts, the Universities, schools and Glasgow educational establishments.

The speaker before the dinner was Professor Tom Devine, the well known historian. He traced influence of Mungo in the developing history of Glasgow, concluding with a wish that the spirit of the saint’s love of the poor might in the future help Glasgow meet the challenge presented by neighbouring extremes of poverty and affluence – a challenge so far not addressed by any city in the world.

The Grace before meals was given by the Rev Dr Laurence Whitley of St Mungo’s Cathedral, while the concluding Grace was given by Fr Willy Slaven of St Simon’s Church in Partick.