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Following a weekend at Conforti, Coatbridge a few photographs of participants and a brief report



A brilliant, informative, authoritative and challenging colloquium led by Fr. David Neuhaus, who was born in South Africa to German Jewish parents, went Israel as a young man for further education and as a result became a Catholic and later a Jesuit.  Fr. Neuhaus speaks Hebrew and, through a close friendship with a Palestinian family, fluent Arabic and he teaches at the university of Bethlehem.  Fr. David spoke with authority and passion about the place of “the Land” in the Bible, what “the Land” means for contemporary Jews and Christians and, with the assistance of his colleague Professor Bart McGettrick who is a Regent of Bethlehem University, on “the Land” in relation to issues of justice and peace.  Among the many striking and memorable points Fr. David said, I will mention only two:  firstly his challenge to us to recognise our responsibility to be true to ourselves and to bear better witness for justice and love – being silent is not helpful; secondly his insistence that we cannot take the easy way out in the current situation between Israelis and Palestinians; we must love both our Jewish and our Moslem brothers and sisters while seeking justice for the Palestinians, and the tension caused by this can tear our hearts in two.

Grace A. Buckley