Dr Whitley and his wife Catherine below with members of the congregation who attended his final service on Sunday 9th July in Glasgow Cathedral.

The Cathedral was full with people from all walks of life and all parts of the country. The city was represented by the Lord Provost and Councillors as well as The Lord Dean of Guild and also Trades House. Many people also traveled from Laurence’s previous charges.

There was an Ecumenical aspect to the service with representation from the Catholic and Episcopalian churches with Archbishop Emeritus, Mario Conti and Bishop Gregor Duncan participating in the service.

Laurence’s sermon covered various aspects of his life and his ministry but stressed that the Cathedral is at a crossroads and no one knows where the road will take us.

Laurence said that most of us are uncomfortable with change but sometimes change can be a good thing, he also said it is important to look for the positives, embrace change and move forward.

Glasgow Churches Together will miss the valuable input from Laurence but wish him well in his retirement, which we are sure will not be idle.

Bishop Gregor Duncan chatting to some of those who attended.