Easter Message


We find ourselves in unprecedented circumstances this year as we celebrate Easter. The world we knew just a few short weeks ago, is not now the world we know today. It is a difficult and frightening time for us all.


The restrictions we face now are unprecedented. So too is the scale of the crisis facing us.


I know that it is challenging for all of us, but above all else this Easter, we must do our utmost to stay safe and protect those around us.  We all have a role to play by staying home, protecting the NHS, and saving lives.


Coronavirus represents the greatest threat to our generation.


And this Easter, I ask that you draw strength from the work that is being done by thousands of people right across our City. In particular, I want to take this opportunity to pay tribute to those who are volunteering and supporting the most vulnerable at this time.


Whilst the road ahead may seem bleak, we should take solace from that which Easter celebrates. New life, rejuvenation and, above all else, the triumph of hope over despair. Glasgow’s people have shown that, despite the troubled world we live in, our love and compassion for one another remains steadfast.


As ever, Glasgow’s Churches have demonstrated that not only do you teach the Gospel, but you live it too. You demonstrate some of the very best of our City with your commitment to spreading love and hope, not only during these troubled times, but always.


And this Easter, I want us to show our appreciation and thanks for those on the frontline, for stepping up to the plate in these trying times.


To the carers; the cleaners; the bin collectors; and others; the incredible staff of Glasgow City Council, who are doing so much to make sure that we still deliver for those in need.


To those who work in the NHS; the supermarkets; public transport; the police; the fire service; the posties; all the other frontline staff, and the amazing legions of volunteers across the City, we say: thank you!


Thank you!  For the sacrifice you are making. For showing us the best of who we are.


The call to action, to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe, has brought out the best in Glaswegians. And, as the First Citizen of Glasgow, I want those workers to know: we are so proud of them. The task that faces them is not easy, nor do they do it for the plaudits. Their selflessness, their courage and their determination is a shining example to us all. They make our City a better place every day, and now more than ever.


This Easter, it is the thousands who are out on the frontline, as staff or as volunteers, who have given me hope. And who remind me every day, that whilst we might despair now, we will get through this. We are not alone. We face this struggle together, and we shall overcome together. We have faced challenges before – as individuals and as a collective – but we have always overcome.


Our Patron Saint, St. Mungo, was the first to utter the phrase ‘Let Glasgow Flourish’. Our City is one built on resilience and community spirit.  We stand with one another during these difficult times. And we hold onto the hope of a future that we will build, when Glasgow will once again flourish.


I wish everyone a happy and blessed Easter.



The Rt Hon The Lord Provost of Glasgow

Councillor Philip Braat