Rev Martin Johnstone

Rev Martin Johnstone

The growing number of people in our country who are going hungry has been something which has shocked and outraged many of us over recent times, writes Rev Martin Johnstone, Priority Areas Secretary of the Church of Scotland.

This week the Scottish Government gave out an additional £500,000 through its Emergency Food Fund. But this money, although welcome, will not stem the rising tide of hunger and human misery.

There will be those who will argue that all will be resolved following the outcome of the Referendum but the problems which exist this month will still be here at the end of next month. Neither a change of nationhood nor a change of government will suffice. What we need is a profound change of attitude.

I increasingly long for a growing sense of outrage that this is happening in our country – one of the richest in the world. One of the ways we generate that outrage is when the real stories of real people are told. It is on this basis that I am sharing – in full – the contents of a recent newsletter that I received from Bridging the Gap (a great organisation based in the Gorbals) thanking those who support its destitution cupboard.

Read it and be encouraged at the extraordinary resilience of incredible people. Read it and be thankful that organisations like Bridging the Gap do the amazing work that they do. But above all, read it and be outraged. And then turn that outrage into action. Volunteer. Write. Campaign. Tell your neighbours. Seek out the hungry. Hear their story. Become their friend.

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