gct-logo-200x2256 for 6.30pm on Tuesday 20th October 2015 at St George’s Tron Church, Buchanan Street, Glasgow.

Keynote speaker Fr Henry O’Brien will discuss the Joint Commission on Doctrine of the Church of Scotland and the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland.

In 2007 the Commission produced a study booklet entitled Baptism: Catholic and Reformed.

It has since commissioned a Liturgy for the Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows as a resource for all churches for use on appropriate ecumenical occasions.

The production of the Liturgy reflects the remarkable breakdown of barriers in common understanding of Baptism as the sacrament that binds us at once to Christ and to one another.

Ideally, it should be used in conjunction with the study booklet and a short PowerPoint presentation which gives the background to these developments.

For further details or to request a hard copy of the documents, please email Ros Milne at rmilne@cofscotland.org.uk

Everyone welcome. Refreshments will be served.