Glasgow Churches Together COP26 Twitter account to curate climate change campaigners

This November, COP26- the 26th UN Climate Change Conference- is happening in Glasgow. It will be one of the most important gatherings ever to happen in the city or, for that matter, in the UK. It has been described as ‘the last best chance to save the planet.’

Glasgow Churches Together COP26 Group is a group of people from a wide variety of largely Christian agencies and denominations, who have been meeting over the last 18 months to plan a shared contribution. The way we strive to work is not about coordinating but rather communicating and amplifying what other people are doing. Our work is focused around three inter-related areas: hospitality & welcome; prayers, pilgrimage & worship; and campaigning & advocacy. Underpinning what we do is a desire to ensure that young people and people from the Global South are heard and their leadership and wisdom acted upon. We are also really interested in the long-term changes which can occur because of COP26 meeting in Glasgow.

As part of this we are inviting different individuals and organisations with a passion for climate justice to share their hopes and plans. One specific way we are doing that is by inviting different people to take over our Twitter handle (@Cop26Group) for a week and to post a blog on our Facebook page (@cop26group). This is your chance to share a thought piece or highlight a key issue as we look ahead to COP26!

We are grateful to Peter Nimmo (@peternimmo1) who will be the main contact for the Twitter account. Peter has previously hosted a similar ‘curated’ Twitter account, Church of Scotland Voices. The first ‘takeover’ of the @Cop26Group Twitter account will be by Tearfund, starting on 11 July.