Hopes for the Church after lockdown: Video from a Younger Generation

In a new video, put together by Forming Missionary Disciples, young adults share their hopes for the Church after lockdown, recognising Pope Francis’ call to contribute their gifts and energies to the Church.

One shared their hope for a church that “isn’t afraid of dialogue, a Church which isn’t afraid to be challenged, to learn, to adapt and to grow.”

Since the start of lockdown many have taken the opportunity to take stock. The same can be said of the Church with many sharing their hopes for how the Church might continue to renew and reform herself. This contribution, from a selection of voices of those in young adulthood, hopes to give encouragement to those trying to help the Church reach out to the peripheries.

Chris Knowles, who coordinated the project, said that “although nobody really relished the idea of going on camera, this project has been a great opportunity to have conversations about what we hope for the Church in our lifetimes, especially with those whose is not often heard”.

Forming Missionary Disciples is a UK-based project that, as a response to Evangelii Gaudium, tries to help form those in the Church of a younger generation contribute to living the Gospel authentically in the world. See their website here: www.formingmissionarydisciples.org.uk

Watch the video here: youtu.be/tvBM9voPxFs