“Hope is audacious, and so, let us encourage one another to dream big. Brothers and sisters, let us learn to dream big! Let us not be afraid to dream big, seeking the ideals of justice and social love that are born of hope. Let us not try to rebuild the past — the past is the past. New things await us. The Lord promised: “I will make all things new.” Let us encourage ourselves to dream big, seeking these ideals, let us not try to rebuild the past, especially the past that was unjust and already ill… Everyone can contribute, everyone has to contribute their share, their culture, their philosophy, their way of thinking — where beauty and the wealth of smaller groups, even those that are discarded, might flourish — because beauty is there too — and where those who have more dedicate themselves to service and give more to those who have less.”

Pope Francis


Prayerful greetings in this World Mission Month!  We are happy to send you these messages from Pope Francis for your daily journey.


Blessings and thanks from Team MISSIO!