The World Day of Prayer is a global, ecumenical movement of informed prayer and prayerful action. Every year Christians of many traditions and all ages, celebrate a common day of prayer in more than 180 countries in over 1,000 languages.

Illustration showing two people raising up another

'Let Justice Prevail' by Hanna Cheriyan Varghese (1938-2009)

This year the World Day of Prayer is on Friday 2nd March and will focus on women in Malaysia with the theme Let Justice Prevail. Women account for nearly half of Malaysia’s population of 28.7 million. There are around 6.8 million non-Muslim women.

More and more women are working full time. Many of them have children and find it hard to balance the demands of their domestic and professional lives. And women who are full-time mothers can sometimes question their vocation. Whatever their circumstances, many face emotional pressure and need spiritual guidance.

Music, Powerpoint presentations, publicity materials and other resources are available on the World Day of Prayer Scotland website..

The Scottish Bible Society is supporting a multi-year Bible engagement and literacy project to help women to develop strong spiritual foundations and healthy families based on the teachings of God’s Word.

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