Rev John Proctor

Rev John Proctor

The Revd John Proctor, general secretary of the United Reformed Church, wrote the following prayer for the people of Scotland prior to the Scottish Referendum, praying for the future it will open, whatever the outcome. John has lived three quarters of his life in England, but retains strong links to Scotland, where he began his life and began his ministry.

God of the nations and the generations,
you trust us to make choices,
you teach us to carry responsibility,
and you travel with us into the future we shape.

So we pray for the people of Scotland,
and for all the peoples and communities of these islands,
in the journey we take as neighbours and nations,
and in all that is different and demanding today.

Lead us into a fresh respect one for another,
show us how to walk side by side,
and help us to draw deep on our heritage in Christ.

We pray for the churches in Scotland
that the followers of Christ may be a people of peace,
confident in the future you hold,
around whom others will find resolve and hope.

God of yesterday, today and forever,
we choose you, we trust you,
we would travel with you,
and shape the future by your wisdom and love.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.