Archbishop Philip Tartaglia

Archbishop Philip Tartaglia

Archbishop Philip Tartaglia writes: Easter comes early this year. Even nature seems to have cottoned on, with gardens already bright and blooming with spring flowers.

That newness of life is a kind of sermon which the natural world preaches to us, reminding us of the more profound truth of the season, namely that Christ conquers death and restores new life… always.  In the words of the great Easter hymn, the Victimae Paschali: “Death and life contended, in a vivid battle: the Prince of life, who died, reigns alive.”  Those words are a summary of our own lives.

Every day in little ways we fight a battle between good and evil, between caring and ignoring, between virtue and vice – such is the stuff of life.  But Easter reminds us that, in the end, Good can – and will – triumph.

We are marking this year as a “Year of Mercy” – a time to be ever more convinced that God is always ready to forgive us, if we turn to him in sincere sorrow.  God will not be outdone in mercy – that is the great news of this week.

May the blessings of the risen and merciful Jesus Christ be with you and your families today and always.