SCIAF logoThe Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund writes:

Families fleeing the violence within Syria desperately need our help.

In Lebanon and Jordan we’re providing food, shelter and medical supplies to homeless refugee families, and across Europe our sister agencies are helping those stranded, having fled with little more than the clothes on their back.

Thousands more families are still in desperate need.

Please give what you can to our Refugee Crisis Appeal and keep these families in your prayers.

Donate to our Refugee Crisis Appeal

The majority of Syrian refugees are still in the Middle East, in Syria’s neighbouring countries of Jordan and Lebanon, where, in addition to food, shelter and medical supplies, SCIAF have been providing counselling to people who’ve lost everything. Many of the refugees have watched family and friends die as Syria descended into violence.

As refugee cross the Mediterranean into Europe our sister charities Caritas Italy, Greece, Macedonia, Austria and Serbia are providing food, water and other essentials to families who are frightened, hungry and sleeping rough.

Please make a donation today to support families in need.

The wars in Syria and the wider region are destroying the lives of a generation of innocent people.  Only a political solution will deliver the peace and stability they need to return home.  Until then, we must do whatever we can to care for those whose lives are being torn apart, whether they are in the Middle East or Europe.

Merciful Jesus

We pray for our sisters and brothers
who are fleeing from war and persecution.
Shine a light in their darkness
and guide them to a place of safety.

Lord, give us the strength
To welcome those who have nowhere to go
To comfort those who’ve lost loved ones
To shelter the weary and feed the hungry
To work together for peace and stability.