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This is the latest round up of articles on Pisky.Scot including the The Very Rev Sarah Murray on breakfast boxes, the Rev Markus Dünzkofer on the opening of the Cornerstone Centre and the Rev Prof David Atkinson on Pilgrimage.
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When Love is the Way

“When love is the way, poverty will become history.”

Just one of the quotes from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry in his address at the Royal Wedding on 19 May.

We used this quote this week on the Facebook page for the Cathedral in relation to our work here and a way of letting people in the city of Inverness know about our work and how they might access it.

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Cornerstone: All Are Welcome

One of our wedding liturgies opens with a metaphor familiar to many: “Through the ages, people on great journeys have stopped at important places, and at decisive moments, to build cairns at the roadside to which they and others can always return.” In wonderfully poetic language, the sentence speaks of a dual reality very much present in the life of God’s people: on the one hand we are a travelling people, following God’s lead, journeying deeper into knowledge and understanding of God, challenging the powers of the status quo (particularly when they are unjust or a threat to others), leaving contentment and privilege behind, seeking and gathering up the wounded and heartbroken, and claiming the divine hope that one day we will cross into the Promised Land.

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What thoughts or images come to your mind when you hear the word pilgrimage? For some it will be Chaucer’s classic “The Canterbury Tales”, for others it may be the very recent BBC programmes covering a journey on the Camino in Spain being made by a number of celebrities. It may also bring back memories of personal journeys because pilgrimage has been a significant act of faith and growth for most of the lives of many faiths.

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