gct-logo-200x225On Friday 15th January in Wellington Church music students from the University of Glasgow who had been working with Glasgow primary schools brought their classes to the church for the celebration of “Mungo’s Bairns”. Eleven schools took part and it was a fantastic celebration which showed just how brilliant our children (and their teachers) can be. It was also great to see how many different nationalities make up our “dear family”.

The theme for this year’s event was “pilgrimage”. We started with a visit from “St. Mungo” and his mother “St. Enoch”, courtesy of St. Monica’s Primary. St. Mungo told us (in a clear declamation that many adults could learn from!) about his life as a pilgrim spreading the Gospel in Scotland, Northern England and as far as Wales. The school then sang a song in honour of St. Enoch who doesn’t often get more than a passing mention, followed by a song about a much more recent event, the visit to Glasgow by Nelson Mandela in 1993. The song by well-known Glasgow songwriter Ian Davidson was called “Mandela danced in the Square” and St. Monica’s had their own “Nelson” in characteristic Mandela-style colourful tunic.

• Full story and pictures at St Mungo Music.