In this special edition of World Church News, we join with partners around the world as they celebrate major anniversaries.


Celebrating 200 Years of Methodist Presence in Haiti 

In a letter dated 18 July 1815, President Alexander Pétion invited the Methodist Church to “bring teaching of Christian doctrine” to Haiti. Read more


KeMU: A Challenging Year

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the Kenya Methodist University (KeMU).Read more



Live to Tell

Saturday 20 February 2016 will live long in the memories of those who survived. Read more



Celebrating Unity and Reconciliation

This year marks 20 years since the Methodist Church in Benin was divided. Today, after many years of crisis and failed attempts at reconciliation, the Protestant Methodist Church of Benin (EPMB) is finally entering a new era of unity. Read more


The Tea in Your Cup

The plantations of Sri Lanka, the home of Ceylon tea, are extraordinarily beautiful. Villages are surrounded by a variety of fragrant green shimmering tea plants forming elegant frills around undulating hills. Read more


Legends from Bocas

This year, the Panama and Costa Rica Conference celebrates a century of mission work in the Cusapin area of Bocas del Toro, Panama.

Legends from Bocas has been reprinted as part of the centenary celebrations. The book costs £15, with proceeds going towards the purchase of a boat for use as transportation in the Cusapin area. If you would like to order a copy, contact Derek Stanworth.Read more